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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 3

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The third section of my adventures! Read about how this trip started to change my life!

Day 7:

I opened my eyes when my dad woke me up, “It’s 7:30! Get up for school.” Uh oh. I stretched out and bounced off of my bed. Thankfully, I set out a pair of clothes for myself the day before so I saved about five minutes of my day —thanks, past-self. After changing and brushing my teeth, I logged into my laptop and connected to wifi just in time for school.

I activated my zoom camera just as my French teacher started instructing us to take our Chapitre Cinq Unit Test. It was a pretty easy assessment, which motivated me throughout the rest of my classes. After my test, I had a little break, so I ate some breakfast. I devoured some potato-stuffed bread; it was really tasty. Next period, we started to learn about the Renaissance, and the idea that it may have never happened! It’s crazy how we cannot know some things for sure, isn’t it? Next, I clicked my science-class zoom link, and I learned how to calculate final velocity when two moving objects collide. Funny that I am completing math problems in a science class.

I had a four minute break until music class, so I used my time to loosen up and take out a decent pencil and paper for notes. After music, I had my last class before lunch: Language Arts. Today we focused on themes, and as I was in class, we began driving - from Cherokee North Carolina- towards Hurricane Mills in Tennessee. As we were driving, my class came to an end, just in time for us to enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and drive through it.

As our RV ascended, I could tell that the temperature outside was dropping. Snow was visible on the ground, and trees were swaying with the wind. The way the snow balanced on the bare trees was a magical sight, like a winter wonderland. Higher and higher we went up until we got to a little break in the road. We pulled over and got out to take some breath-taking photos.

The view was utterly drop-dead gorgeous — the mountains gave off a ‘smoky’ effect; no wonder they’re the The Great Smoky Mountains.

We reentered the vehicle right when my lunch break had ended, so I entered my math class as my dad handed me a sandwich I could eat. I had fixed up the sandwiches the day before, and they were amazing. There were carrots, radishes, and tomatoes in it along with some cream cheese, butter, hummus, and a coriander sauce. During Math, signal kept glitching on and off (which was understandable since we were driving through a forest) so I couldn’t really understand what was going on. Luckily, I found out that today’s lesson was not that difficult, so I could still complete my homework.

After Math I have Gym, and -once class ended- I had choir rehearsal and it was a lot of fun, in spite of having to sing while in a moving vehicle. Not that easy, let me tell you.

At last, as I wrapped up my homework and packed away my things, I sat down comfortably and talked to my family as we drove on the highway. My brother was finishing up his school work, so we all got to sit, talk, and play games for a little while.

We made a stop for some gas and groceries when we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and got some tasty snacks and necessities. Back home in New Jersey, we don’t get so many different flavors of chips, and we noticed that the farther down south we go, the more variety of flavors there are. I wish we had these in NJ, I thought to myself as we ate some snacks.

After a while of driving, my brother went into the bedroom and decided to take a nap, so I went up on the bunk and started the book And Then There Were None, so far it was an amazing book. I got pretty sleepy when reading, so I shut my book and took a power nap.

I woke up again when we had arrived at our next KOA, and my parents were outside hooking up the electricity. Today, we did not hook up the vehicle to city water because it was going to be below freezing temperatures, and connecting the water in the pipes calls for the water to get frozen.

After hookup, we vacuumed and mopped up the vehicle. I love the fresh scent of some cleaning supply. Once we cleaned up, we all sat together at the table and ate some snacks; we relaxed for a couple minutes before my parents and I started making dinner. We were having Kathi rolls and some cauliflower-potato sauté. The food was incredibly divine, and we were stuffed!

I read my book and set my alarm — an hour earlier because we were now in the Central Time Zone! I stretched myself and cozied up before drifting to a land of fantasies and happiness.



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