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RV Trip In A Pandemic - The Final Chapter

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

Day 25:

My eyes joyfully opened at their own will at 11 in the morning. I opened the curtains— clouds, drizzle. Aw shucks! Guess there isn’t gonna be the best weather today. I got out of my bed, and it turns out my brother got up only a couple minutes before me. He was brushing his teeth, my parents were making some sunny-side up eggs and avocado toast.

We sat together and ate our amazing breakfast, and discussed what we may be able to do today. It was supposed to be raining all day, so we weren't exactly planning on going hiking.

We cleaned everything up quickly enough and went to relax and watch some tv for an hour or so.

After a long relaxation period, we all decided to go outside because the rain had cleared up.

It was still really wet and mucky outside, but it was nice to get some fresh air. We hiked for about two hours and made our way back. Since we walked through the woods in muck, we really had to clean our shoes up well, in order to not dirty our RV.

I put on the AC, and opened up some windows to get some circulation throughout the vehicle. It was so humid and stuffy, but the air conditioning definitely made a difference.

We left Bullet outside so he could continue getting fresh air, and have a decent amount of room to walk around in. Inside, we decided to play Monopoly, and it was a LOT of fun! We played for quite some time, and I almost went bankrupt!

Once we cleaned up our game, my brother and I ate risotto and instant noodles-- chef's kiss.

We, then, decided to watch The Da Vinci Code. It was a really fun and enticing film. While watching the movie, we stopped to eat some khichdi and aloo-onion sauté that my parents prepared. IT WAS SO GOOD!

After the movie, it was pretty late, so I took Bullet out one last time, and then settled up in bed. I closed my eyes sooner or later and -at last- went to sleep. 2021 isn’t so bad!


Day 26:

I woke up with my brother at 12 noon, and the RV was in motion. Today we had a 6-and-a-half-hour drive from Chattanooga, Georgia to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Jesus, we’re almost home!

We stopped within an hour of getting up, so we could brush our teeth in a stable vehicle. We were at a gas station at this point, and then I took Bullet outside for a walk. It was really nice outside; the sun glowed on me and heated the area around. It was so peaceful, and I heard some birds chirping.

After filling up gasoline, my dad started driving, and we decided we should eat lunch soon, since it was quite late for dinner.

We got lucky again and found a rest area within fifteen minutes of when we started looking.

We pulled into the rest area and it was so beautiful. It was right in the middle of lush green rolling hills, and there were large mountains in the distance. It was an unbelievable sight. We ate some leftover food from a couple days before: dhokla, pasta, muffaletta, khichdi. After our delicious lunch, we cleaned up really fast, and got back on the road.

We drove for a long time, and then we saw an exit for a Chick-fil-a, and I really wanted some, so my parents allowed us to stop and pick some up. Yummmmm!

Back on the road I ended up dozing off for a couple hours.

I awoke again when we arrived at the KOA, and I looked around. It was quite dark outside, and I could see that the ground was wet from rain the day before. It was also quite cold outside. I saw that my parents had bought some KFC and some Indian food for dinner, and I couldn’t wait to eat my dinner!

When my parents were outside hooking up the vehicle, my brother and I started the entire RV’s clean up process. We began by vacuuming the vehicle, then started wiping all the countertops and door handles. Next, I mopped the floor, and that was that! All cleanI

At this point, we were ready to eat!

We all ate together and devoured our amazing food. Nothing better than some fried chicken, some naan, and some curry!

After that, we cleaned up, and I took Bullet out for the last time that day. I closed my eyes at last, and started to dream about another RV adventure.


Day 27:

I had a set alarm for 7:33AM because that was when sunrise was. Today was a big day; we had to drive from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia to New Jersey! We were heading back home! I awoke right at my alarm, and smiled greatly. I was disappointed that our vacation was coming to an end, but it is important to find the good in everything. Gosh, I’m excited to go back home and have a large dining table, my own bedroom, and my own bathroom!

I shuffled out of bed and woke up my brother and mother. My dad was already awake, and he had taken Bullet for a walk. I brushed my teeth well because good hygiene is important, and I quickly got ready. I wore some comfortable leggings and a warm sweater, perfect for the weather here.

It was a cloudy, chilly day, but it was not as cold as New Jersey. As the rest of my family got dressed, I settled up the vehicle for movement. Sooner or later, our last journey began. We backed out of our campsite and travelled to a propane-filling station right at the entrance. After filling up propane, our adventure really began, and we were off!

We drove north and the landscape was green and lively. At some points, there was snow on the ground, which was really exciting!

After a couple of hours, we made a stop at a gas station. We had to empty out all of our tanks in the morning because we had to return the vehicle empty (no water or waste. Obviously, we still needed gas, so we filled up. I took Bullet out, and brought him back in pretty quickly. Then, we all went inside to use the restroom. We stopped at a highly sought after local breakfast place (thank you Yelp!) and got us some breakfast.

I ate a cheese croissant and some mini cheese-stuffed bagels. The food was extremely tasty, and it was a great “breakfast” (that we ate around noon).

We got back on the road quickly enough and drove some more. We played many games and had a lot of fun. Plus, we talked about what we will do when we get back. We have to unload quickly because there’s a forecast of rain at home!

We stopped at another gas station after about a hundred miles, and my dad filled up gas and we took Bullet out. We also all used the restroom again, and hurriedly got back into the vehicle. It was starting to drizzle, and when we started driving again, it started to pour.

At last, we took our final exit and headed towards our street. I was on the edge of my seat. We had to unload quickly- while there was still daylight.

As soon as we reached our driveway we started to unload. Funny how we seemed like robots going up and down our driveway -taking large boxes with us. I sighed as we entered the house after cleaning up the entire RV. We just unpacked almost a month of adventures, memories, tears, and laughter (but not too many tears!).

My parents returned the RV, and when they got back, we all seemed to stare at each other in silence. Wow. That was insane. Somebody pinch me….was this all a dream?

I took a long shower and wore my softest pajamas. I came downstairs just in time for dinner and talked about our adventures.

We all blanketed up in our living room -on our big comfy couch- right before bed. A perfect comedy: Death to 2020.

We went to our separate rooms and dozed off. Sometimes I wonder if this trip even happened, or if it was all just a crazy fantasy that my brain created.


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