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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 15

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Come with us and drive away from South Padre Island, Texas and to Lafayette, Louisiana!

Day 21:

My day started when our motor-home was in motion. Since we had a long drive ahead of us, my parents started driving a little earlier. I woke up and looked down at my parents and said hello. My brother was up and was getting ready. I got down and brushed my teeth just as the RV was coming to a stop. We were at the south-end of South Padre Island. Though, the end was a few hundred feet away and our vehicle would not go there, so we all got out to walk to the dead end.

We took a lot of photos because the end of the island was covered in sand. It looked really cool with the ocean alongside it, and I felt like I was on a cruise or something! It was simply a magical sight.

After taking some photos and making some memories, we got back into the RV, and started to make our way towards Lafayette, Louisiana.

The drive was really scenic: plains all around — grassy fields scattered with cows— and farmers outside doing their work. Unbelievable how they work all day to produce food like that!

We made a few stops at gas stations along the way, either three or four, but all of them were surprisingly really nice and clean. People all around were wearing their masks, and a couple were wearing gloves, it was nice to see that everyone all over the country is staying safe.

After some time, we stopped to eat some breakfast. My parents drank some coffee and ate breakfast sandwiches that we picked up while driving, and my brother and I ate the egg sandwiches that I made yesterday. It was divine eating all this food, but we had to get back onto the road quickly enough. We packed everything back up (utensils etc.) and began our journey again.

By this point, we just kept driving for what seemed like forever. We would stop at gas stations every couple hundred-miles, but that was it. We really are a crazy family!

We drove through Houston, Texas at this point, and it reminded me of Denver, or a significantly less-crowded version of New York City. It was a lovely place overall, and it was very spacious. Once we got back onto the highway we saw so many flyovers it was insane. There must have been about five levels of flyovers at one point. This definitely controls the traffic here! We continued driving, and I noticed the amount of lanes on the highway. THERE WERE SIX (and at one point SEVEN) ON EACH SIDE. I had never seen so many lanes before, and it was honestly unfathomable. Oh the things you could do with a lot of land. New Jersey can’t relate!

We were on the lookout for a rest area where we could park and eat lunch. We passed a couple but didn’t actually stop because we realized too late. Either there were not any signs, or we just weren’t paying close enough attention. Overall, we didn’t find a rest area in about an hour, so we decided to wait it out and just eat dinner directly.

At this point, I went into the bedroom to take a nap, and we had about 2-and-a-half hours left in our drive.

I woke up just as I could see the yellow KOA sign through the window. Perfect timing!

We pulled into our campsite in Lafayette, Louisiana, and it had a swing, a patio, a barbecue, a table, some chairs, and a fire pit, AND it was right on a lake! Wow! This place is amazing.

My brother and I quickly cleaned up the entire vehicle while my parents were hooking up and taking care of Bullet. It was about 8 o’clock by this time, and we all wanted to relax and sit by the fire with some food. My mom fixed up an Indian snack known as bhel which is a mixture of onions, tomatoes, green chillies, chutneys, sev, and mamara. We also ate potato sandwiches which were amazing, if I don’t say so myself!

After dinner, we all sat by the fire and talked. Bullet was off leash and was feeling a lot better today which was a good sign. We chatted for a half-hour or so, then we made our way back inside. My dad put out the fire, don’t worry! I changed really quickly and made my way to bed. I didn’t get sleep for a while, but when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed of magical places.



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