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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 16

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Hear about an exciting day in Louisiana!

Day 22:

I woke up at exactly 9:43 in the morning, and I heard my family talking to a lady from two RV sites over. I hurriedly got out of bed and brushed my teeth. I also threw on a sweater, though I would find out later that I did not need it. Next, I heated up some more batata poha for my breakfast today.

I made my way towards our patio area outside, which was right by the lake. It was so beautiful. I ate with the rest of my family because they had finished talking to the lady. We were invited to take a little tour of the lady’s RV bus, which was really exciting, since we had never seen such a large RV from the inside. We were going to wear our masks, of course, but we were so excited!

My brother, dad, and Bullet went out for a walk, and my mom and I sat on the swing and talked. It was really fun and relaxing to sit on the swing on this warm day, next to the lake. We saw so many ducks in the lake, and they were so cute!

When Bullet and all came back, my parents talked to one of their old friends over the phone.

Around this time was when we were invited to come and see the RV. We met the couple who owns it, and their grandkid whom they brought with them on their trip. They were so sweet, and were from Texas. I could not get over the fact that they kept using the word y’all! That is so cool- I need to start using ‘y’all’ more often! Also, their RV was massive! There was a large leather sofa, a king-sized bed, a fancy bathroom, a dishwasher (you heard me…dishwasher!), and to top it all off, there was a WASHING MACHINE AND A DRYER!!! We need to get one of these…they are legitimately a house on wheels.

After that, we all decided to go for a walk around the KOA. It was such a pretty campground; one of my favorites! We walked until we reached the main entrance of the KOA, and then we exited. We walked left until we saw a restaurant that was famous for boudins and cracklins! It was the perfect food for lunch.

We got our order back at the campsite, and we ate outside. THE FOOD WAS SPECTACULAR!!! I really liked the boudins, and I had never had them before, but Louisiana did me well!

My parents and I went inside at this point, and my brother had become good friends with our RV neighbors' grandkid, so they were biking and riding their scooters all over the campsite. Bullet was outside playing with some of his toys and “protecting” our site from any perceived threats.

My parents and I were sitting inside and talking, and I was studying a bit. Once I finished up, we all went outside again. The boys were still playing, and I gave Bullet some water. We talked some more with the our neighbor before coming back to our site and starting up a fire. My brother and I vacuumed and mopped the entire vehicle before coming to sit outside.

My dad and I decided to walk back to the restaurant from today’s lunch and pick up some delicious fried boudin balls for dinner. My mom, brother, and Bullet stayed back by the fire.

We got to the restaurant and ordered a lot of different types of boudin balls that were so fantastic. No wonder this place is so popular!

We made it back to the campsite at last, and I began to eat. It was amazing sitting by the fire and eating, and my family had so much fun.

We were all so stuffed after eating the divine food so we went inside and wound down. I practiced some more math with my brother before calling it a day. I changed into my pjs, and climbed up into my bed. I snuggled up in my blankets and shut my eyes. Another great day completed!



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