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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 10

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Pecan pie, a fun hike, and New Mexico, babyyyy-- These were only a few aspects of my adventures on Day 16!

Day 16:

I awoke as my brother did- around 8:30. Our plan for the day was to drive from Picacho, Arizona to Las Cruces, New Mexico and stop along the way to enjoy. Overall, we would have to be driving for about 5 hours, so it wasn’t too bad at all.

I got out of bed and changed my clothes, along with brushing my teeth. I ate some bread-and-butter sandwiches; they were absolutely delicious. I heated up the bread in the microwave for some time, and that decision made my meal ten times better! While I was eating, my parents got the RV ready for motion. We started moving right when I finished cleaning up my food and dishes. Perfect timing.

We all talked together about random things while driving around. The scenery outside was remarkable; the dry mountains towered the highway, and little streams were like oases. The sun was gleaming right on the edge of the mountains, and called for a sensational photo opportunity.

We drove for twenty minutes before I wanted to read my book and take a little nap. The movement of the RV is so lulling that -even though I just woke up- I was being ‘rocked’ to sleep again.

I slept for about two hours before we pulled into Bowie National Historic Site in Arizona. We planned to take a 3 mile loop hike all around the site, and experience the land of the Apache Pass Road. Our hike was incredible; the mountains were gorgeous, and the sunlight hit them in all the right places.

After our hike, we got back into our car, and drove to the outskirts of the historic site. We travelled past many pistachio and pecan plantations, and they were a sight to see: thousands of trees planted perfectly together; spaced out evenly and blossoming with life.

At the end of the trees, was a little shop selling pistachio and pecan goodies and some other stuff like wasabi peas and dried fruit. We bought some beef jerky and pecan pie (which was absolutely delicious—BEST PIE I HAVE EVER EATEN!!!) We also ate lunch right outside the shop, in our RV. We ate a little bit of everything: Kathi Rolls, Popeyes food, Burrito Bowls.

We were all so stuffed after eating food, and we also ate a slice of pecan pie that we bought - which was the best thing since sliced bread!!!

We continued driving, and the wind was so harsh that it was swaying the entire RV. We saw warnings for dust storms, but luckily, did not experience one ourselves. At last we pulled into our KOA in Las Cruces, and we had a view of the city (second largest in New Mexico), and it looked enormous! Lights on everywhere, the city was truly alive in the night.

Once we hooked up, my brother and I mopped and vacuumed the entire RV, and my parents got dinner ready. We were having plain khichdi with potato and onion sauté. As soon as food was ready, we all ate so quickly - the meal was just amazing.

For dessert, we had more of the pecan pie. YESSSSSS!

I was so full and sleepy after our yummy meal so I went to bed as soon as I could. My eyes slowly shut, and I flew across my memories until I landed on the ideal story for my dreams.



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