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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 11

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas:) -- Happy Christmas Eve!

Day 17:

Our hearts were thumping fast, and we switched off all the lights and put off the heat. We were getting too close. Come on, just five more minutes... you can do it RV...please...let's not get stranded in the middle of nowhere!

It all started as I woke up pretty late- about 10:30, and the RV was in motion! I drew open the curtains separating my bed from the kitchen, and said good morning to my family. We were supposed to be arriving at a grocery store for some snacks and produce, so I just stayed in bed until we had reached.

Once the vehicle was parked, I got out of bed and started to brush my teeth and get ready for the day. We were going to drive a long distance today — from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Kerrville, Texas; so we wanted to make minimal stops.

Post getting ready, I ate some bread and butter that my parents had made in the morning for me. Then, I sat with my brother while my parents got some groceries. We also called my grandparents, as it was my grandfather’s birthday, and wished him from the RV!

Once we were finished, we quickly put the groceries away and were off again!

While driving, the scenery was just stunning; like something you could just stare at forever. The land around was really dry and hilly. There were a few giant mountains in the distance, and the bright sun glistened onto them.

We continued to drive for a couple hours before making our first stop for gasoline. We had entered Texas by this point, and were driving through El Paso. We could see the Mexican border close by, and we also saw some beautiful sculptures scattered around.

We got hungry for lunch, so we stopped at a rest area and heated up some food from the night before (potato sauté and khichdi). Food was so delightful, and it was the best feeling driving in the vehicle with a satisfied stomach.

We got back on the road quickly enough, and we were playing different games, like ‘name/place/animal/thing’ and ‘twenty questions’; we also sang some Christmas songs and had a blast. Plus, I was working on a friendship bracelet I had been making, which you can actually purchase on my etsy shop! Just click on the bracelet images:) Making these bracelets had been a hobby of mine since a few months, and I loved spending the long drives knotting away!

We saw many windmills all around, and also passed a truck carrying about 20 cows!

Another thing was that the road on the highway was a reddish-black; it looked really cool, and matched the colors of the mountains in the distance. As we drove some more, the sun was starting to set, and it looked gorgeous. The fire-ball sank behind the horizon, and the land around finally became dark. We drove for another hour before our gps was taking us to a gas station. We were relatively close to an empty tank, so it was perfect. As we pulled up to the gas station, we found that it was under construction, so it wasn’t in service. Uh oh. We navigated to the next en route gas station, but the closest one was about 45 miles away! I don’t know if our gasoline can run for that long.

We drove on the highway, in the middle of nowhere in Texas, and hoped that we would make it to the gas station before our RV stopped running. Adrenaline was zooming through my veins and thrill was creeping up my spine. In spite of this being a bit stressful, it was as if we were in an action movie of some sort. Family in RV runs out of gas! Meh- maybe it wouldn’t be a seller:) What an irony it would be-- running out of gas in Texas of all places!

LUCKILY, we made it to the gas station, and everyone sighed in relief. That was actually kind of fun. We filled up a full tank, and arrived at the Kerrville KOA.

Tonight it is supposed to be well below freezing, so we made sure to only hook up the water for a little bit, and then unhook it for the rest of the night so as to not get the water in the pipes to freeze.

Once we parked and hooked up, my brother and I cleaned every nook and cranny of the RV, and helped cook some divine pesto pasta. We ate the pasta with some cheese bread sticks that we bought earlier that day, and I had some Cocacola too.

We were all yawning after our meal, and changed into comfortable clothes. We settled down, and I drifted off pretty late. I slept like there was no tomorrow- even though it was gonna be the best day of the year.



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