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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 12

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Merry Christmas!!

Day 18:

I awoke gracefully at my own will, at around. 8:50. I looked down at my family from my bunk above the driver’s seat, and they were eating mouth-watering omelets with some toast lathered in melted butter. OoOOOooOOh! I hastily hopped off of my bed and got ready. I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. I wore some hoop earrings as well -gotta dress up for such a special day. For me, my outfit has a direct impact on my mood for that day.

Once I was fresh, I went over to the dining table and sat with the rest of my family (I am always the last one up!). We ate a delicious meal!

We managed to clean up rather speedily after breakfast, and we motion-proofed the vehicle. At this point, we were in Kerrville, Texas, but we were going to be driving all the way to the southern part of the state, and park in South Padre Island by the Gulf of Mexico.

We kicked off our six-hour-drive on a high-note, after all- it was Christmas Day! But- I guess it had felt like Christmas for a while now; every day a new adventure and story to tell! We sat together by the front of the vehicle while on the highway, we noticed so many fly-overs all around- more than I had ever seen. No wonder traffic is so controlled here, and there’s a lot more space than NJ too. We travelled through a few small towns but mostly stayed on the highway. So many friends and family members called or texted to wish us a good day, and we FaceTimed some to share our experience! It was a blast talking to the people we have not seen since the beginning of this pandemic, and -some- a lot longer!

While driving some more, we spotted so many different animals; some wild, some not. Goats, cows, horses, deer, eagles. It was a lot of fun trying to spot the animals.

After some time, we stopped for gasoline, and I took Bullet outside. The weather was magnificent. It was so warm outside, and a little breeze helped balance the heat. I was wearing pants, but shorts would have also worked! The sun was emitting bright light as always, and the entire area was completely lit up. People all around were smiling and wishing each other -from a distance. Gosh, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I got back into the car just as my father finished filling up the tank, and we travelled for about three more hours until we were about fifteen minutes from our KOA. We filled up gas right before getting onto a massive bridge that would take us to South Padre Island. The Gulf of Mexico below looked spectacular; with the sun shining down onto the water, it appeared to sparkle.

We pulled into our KOA, and -to our surprise- there were a lot of other people there. We found our way to our parking spot, and my parents got out to hook up the vehicle. In the meantime, my brother and I vacuumed and mopped the RV. Gotta make sure we are living in a clean space.

We chatted with a couple more friends and family members before we all sat outside at a picnic table and had some snacks. We also started to do the laundry at this time.

My mom started to cook her famous risotto, and while finishing up the laundry, everyone ate a ton. After the last dryer cycle was completed, we all put the warm clothes away, and snuggled into our pajamas. I laid down in my bed and yawned greatly. Best Christmas ever. I drifted to sleep and thought about how truly lucky I am to live the life I’m living.



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