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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 13

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

A day in life of a crazy family RV-ing at South Padre Island....

Day 19:

My mom woke my brother and I up at around ten o’clock, and she was preparing some breakfast. My dad had gone out for a bike ride, and Bullet was sitting outside our RV watching passersby. I got out of bed and brushed my teeth before sitting outside and meeting my brother after he -also- freshened up.

The weather outside was amazing. It was really warm, and I suddenly felt as if it was a warm summer day. Hard to believe it’s technically winter. But -to be fair- we are much closer to the equator. The sun hit my face directly as I was sitting on one side of our table, so I moved to the other side and made myself comfortable. My mom made some batata poha (a combo of flattened rice, potatoes, spices, and onions). She served my brother and I outside, and we all ate together around our picnic table.

The food was spectacular; I could literally keep eating it forever, and the beautiful weather made the experience all the more fun. After breakfast, my brother went inside to help my mom clean up while I stayed outside and fed Bullet his food. My dad arrived back around this time, and I said good morning to him.

After feeding Bullet, I went inside and got dressed for the day. We decided to explore around the KOA, which was right on the ocean.

My family and I walked to the pier at the back of the campground, and I spotted a dolphin in the distance! It was an incredible sight. The waves were splashing -not too hard- onto the edge of the boardwalks, and the wind swayed some palm trees in the distance. The island reminded me of the Caribbean Islands and also gave me a feeling of Panama. I never thought that I would be somewhere like this on such a vacation.

We took many photos by the pier and continued walking. We were headed towards the beach area, and wanted to walk along the water for a good length of the island.

We got to the beach, and went down to the water. There weren’t too many people around, but there were more as we continued walking. Bullet was extremely excited at the beach. He kept splashing around in the water, and was darting all around in the sand. It was funny because he doesn’t seem like a very agile dog from his appearance, but he is really quite nimble.

After walking around the beautiful beach for some time, we made our way back to our KOA. We walked by a little downtown with some fast-food restaurants and a too-hard-to-resist smoothie shop. We got my brother a tropical smoothie, and I got a chocolate-peanut-butter shake. Incroyable!

We went back to our KOA and looked up some restaurants nearby which we could eat at. We had to make sure there was outdoor seating since we were skeptical about the coronavirus, and we had a dog as well. We landed on a little Mexican place and decided to give it a shot.

When we got there, the staff was extremely friendly, and Bullet was constantly getting compliments! Big dog! Handsome dog! Plus, THE FOOD WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY CRAZILY AMAZINGGGGGG!!

Thank gosh we gave that place a try. We were planning to go again the next day because the Mexican food was just insane. We had ordered tacos, a quesadilla, a burrito, and some cheesecake!

After our fantastic lunch, we went back to our RV, and winded down for a bit. My parents wanted to walk some more, though, so they took Bullet and walked around. My brother and I stayed back, and I taught him some math-skills so he could be a little ahead at school.

I received an incoming call from my mother, and she told us to meet us by the pier to watch the sunset.

The orange-pinky tone of the sky was unbelievable. The land around was slowly getting darker, and I could literally watch as the sun appeared to move downwards below the oceanic horizon. It was over so quickly, and I was super glad that my parents called us to come see it.

We all went back to the RV and took our showers. It felt good to be clean after our hectic -but really fun- day. Eventually, we all ate our dinner together at the table, and I took Bullet out one last time. When I came back in with Bullet, I laid out his bed, and then cozied up in my bed. That was such a fun day. I shut my eyes and went to sleep, excited for the more wondrous experiences ahead.



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