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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 14

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

South Padre Island: a Texan paradise!

Day 20:

I was woken up at around 10 o’clock -against my will-. Oh how I love sleeping in! My dad had gone for a bike ride, and my mom was sitting outside admiring the view of the ocean. My brother was getting ready, so I had to wait for him to brush his teeth so I could use the sink. I laid in bed and smiled because today was going to be a great one! I was really enjoying staying at South Padre Island.

My mom told my brother and I that she was going for a walk, and that Bullet was outside by our table and chairs. I heated up some left over batata poha from yesterday’s breakfast for my brother and I. When my mom arrived back, we all sat at the picnic table and ate.

My dad arrived back at the RV around this time, and he put away his bicycle. Bullet, for some reason, seemed a little off today, but we figured it was probably just because he was tired.

My parents wanted to go out for a walk while my brother and I stayed back and enjoyed the RV. I taught my brother some more math while Bullet was soundly sleeping, outside. I also made more progress on a friendship bracelet that I was having a wonderful time knotting. It was really coming together at this point, and I was just about to finish it off. Plus, you can actually purchase my friendship bracelets on etsy! Check them out by clicking on the image:)

When our parents arrived back, they bought my brother and I two sirloin steak burritos (from the same restaurant as yesterday), and it was perfect timing for lunch!

My brother and I dropped everything to go and eat the fantastic food. We ate outside under the heat of the sun. It was really hot, and many birds were chirping. I was trying to decide whether or not I liked the sound of the birds because -after a while- I started to get a little annoyed at the constant noise. Other than that, eating outside was simply amazing because a breeze flew in to counter the heat, and the sun was not too bright in my face.

After our amazing lunch, we all went out for a walk, and we took Bullet as well. At first Bullet did not want to walk, but it was as if he knew we were headed to the beach because he started to get excited. We made sure to take a thirty-foot leash for Bullet so he could run back and forth in the water and not pull us in with him!

After walking along the sand for some time, we made our way back to our KOA, and decided that we should start preparing for tomorrow. Tomorrow we had a long drive from Texas to Louisiana, so we assembled some sandwiches to eat along the way.

Before making our sandwiches -however- my parents went out to the pier to watch the sunset and take some photos. My brother and I didn’t feel like going, so we stayed at the RV. Once my parents got back, the land around was dark, and it was the best time to make some amazing sandwiches!

We had made some potato filling which I stacked in between two breads. I also added some creamy avocado and some mouth-watering shredded cheese. Then, we buttered up a pan and sizzled the sandwiches on it. Man, these are gonna be some good sandwiches!

Outside, my dad was cooking some omelets which I was also going to put into sandwiches. The omelet ones for breakfast, and the potato ones for lunch! While fixing these up, I was getting so hungry, and I could not wait to eat them!

After the sandwiches were made, my mom made some cabbage and potato sauté with some yellow lentil soup and some rice. My mom and I brought out the steaming-hot food while my brother and father had taken Bullet for a walk. When the rest of my family arrived back, we all dug in, and the food was magnificent. I am running out of synonyms for “amazing” every time I write about the food we eat!

I wanted to eat the famous Pecan Pie after my meal, so I grabbed some and ate it outside. I was feeling so good after my great dinner.

We cleaned up pretty quickly and changed into our pajamas. It was already pretty late, so we all went to our beds and flew to dreamland.



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