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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 6

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Come with me on a fascinating drive to New Mexico, and find out what happened to Bullet!

Day 12:

The day started off at about 8:00, and my brother and I got out of bed, brushed our teeth, and got ready. We were expecting a call from the vet this morning, and everyone was antsy.

The phone rang at exactly 8:30. Oh gosh, is he okay? We put the call on speaker and all listenend in anticipation.

"Bullet is totally fine, he may have a mild limp for a couple days, but I prescribed some pain-killers for him. He should be good to go today. You can pick him up within two hours." It was as if my entire family sighed at the same time.

We were all so excited to go retrieve Bullet and continue on our journey. I had a bad feeling that we would have to drive back- thank goodness that feeling was incorrect!

We got the vehicle ready for our seven-hour drive ahead of us and began to drive to the vet. Today, the plan was to drive from Abilene, Texas to Alamogordo, New Mexico after picking up Bullet, of course.

We pulled into the parking lot fairly fast, and I was so eager to squeeze Bullet tightly. As soon as I saw him, my smile became so wide. Bullet was so happy to see all of us; he was jumping up and down and whining (in a happy way)! You wouldn't think this was a dog who's supposed to be injured right now.

By this point, we were outside of the RV and still in the parking lot. The air was warm, but still had a chill in it. I looked up in the sky and saw a clear blue scene, with absolutely no clouds.

We headed back inside and began to eat breakfast.We had lovely croissants, sunny-side-up eggs, bread, and tea. I ate a lot of food, and was getting sleepy with my full stomach.

We drove for about 3 hours before stopping at a gas station, and the views were absolutely stunning. At first, all we could see were plains and plains. Flat land until the horizon filled our eyes. There was so much farmland and cattle all around, and we also saw so many windmills. Must be crazy how much energy is produced with these mills! We also saw oil mills that were pumping oil from the ground.

At the gas station, we made a quick stop simply for gas and to take Bullet out. The temperature here was not any different than the campground and vet earlier today, and the weather was still beautiful.

When we got back onto the RV, we were starting to get hungry, so we kept our eyes peeled for rest areas coming up ahead.

As we drove on the road, I truly felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. All I could see was land for miles on end, and it was just incredible.

We ended up finding an amazing rest area that was perfect for us to eat our lunch. In normal circumstances, we probably would have used the rest area’s facilities, but we were skeptical of coming in contact with public things given the pandemic. Anyways, we had fixed up some Kathi Rolls for lunch, and had packed them in aluminum foil to keep them warm, so we took them outside and brought them to a picnic table. We ate the delicious food, and everyone was satisfied with the meal. After lunch, we took some pictures, and it was so windy that my hair kept flying maniacally all around.

We continued driving and the landscape continued changing. When we entered New Mexico, the flat lands started to become more hilly and mountainous, and there began an area with only evergreen trees. It was like all of a sudden we had reached somewhere in rural Canada! After today’s drive, I honestly realized the unconditional beauty of our country.

The next time we stopped was about twenty minutes from our final destination, and it was -again- for some gas. Once we filled the tank up, we were off again, and we got to our KOA.

It was an amazing campground, and I was shocked to see that it had almost no vacancy! We started up a fire after the vehicle was hooked up, and started to cook dinner. Eating dinner by the fire, we laughed about previous adventures and I thanked my stars for the life I was living.

After dinner, we ate some mini donuts before heading inside. It was quite late, and we were all sleepy. I cuddled up in bed and quickly escaped into a deep sleep.



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