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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 8

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Wilcox Arizona was one of my favorite stops...listen to my exciting day, and read about how much fun I had, and how glad I am to have had these experiences!

Day 14:

My day commenced at 3:45 in the morning. You heard me right, 3:45! It started with a whine that I heard from Bullet. Aww, buddy - what’s wrong? I got out of my bed and poured him some water, and he gulped it down at the speed of light. Ah, that’s what it was.

I climbed back into my bed, but Bullet kept staring at me. He stood by the door and looked up at his leash that was hanging on the side. Guess I have to take you out! I went outside and the land was pitch black. I made sure to take a headlight with me so I wouldn’t walk into a cactus! The ‘view’ of the darkness was unreal, and the breezy air felt amazing.

After coming back inside, I tried to sleep for a long time, but I simply could not drift away. It was annoying, but then I finally shut my eyes at about 5:10.

Ringggg! Ringggggg! Darn it. My alarm sounded at 5:25, and I woke my brother up after I got out of bed. I quickly brushed my teeth and changed before getting onto my Mac and starting school at 6 o’clock because we were in the Mountain Time Zone.

School was pretty nice today since my classes were pretty easy. I felt great as I took my final for the Pigman unit and was confident I did well. Now we wait...

During my ‘lunch-break’, I ate my breakfast: some upma, which is an Indian meal made with cream of wheat, vegetables, and spices. It was just what I wanted! I also completed some more assignments, and felt satisfied with the amount of work I managed to get done.

Alas, I had math class, and it was our last day of reviewing before our test tomorrow.

Gym followed, and we were told to get outside and go play, so we got to leave our class early. I went outside and took a look around at our wonderful campsite. It was about 65 degrees outside which was just amazing. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and yoga pants, and it was the perfect outfit for the perfect day. I said hi to my family and walked around a bit.

I logged back online and participated in chorus; luckily it was a lot of fun! Post tidying-up, I went outside again and met up with Bullet, my brother, and my mom. I was told that dad had gone for a bike ride on this beautiful day. At the campground, we decided to go for a little walk and explore around before lunch.

The scenery was magical; mountains in the distance, but flat, dry land all around. Cacti and palm trees were also planted. Very different from New Jersey!

My dad came back, and we ordered food from an on-site restaurant. I had a burger, my mom and dad had some pizza, and my brother had some steak. The food was absolutely mouth-watering, amazing. The KOA 'Kafe' had the BEST fries I have ever eaten.

After food, my eyelids could not withstand their own weight, and I went inside and slept for about 2-and-a-half hours. While asleep, my family had gone for a long-hike, and I saw some pictures; they were incredible. The flat land meeting with the mountains was breathtaking.

I awoke when my dad woke me up, and we were ordering some dinner from the restaurant again. We ordered a chili-cheese hot-dog, some jalepeño corn, and buffalo wings. The food was divine -nothing new! We also sat by an amazing fire that had been started up, and I felt like we were in a movie. This trip so far has provided me with unreal experiences, and I am so thankful for that.

After dinner I was super tired, yet again. Snuggling with blankets and shutting my eyes, I flew into outer-space and dreamed of being an astronaut.


.....come back next week and read about what went wrong between myself and a cactus!


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