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RV Trip In A Pandemic - Chapter 9

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Walking into a cactus?! Read this chapter to find out...

Day 15 :

My alarm blared at 5:25, but thankfully today is the last day I would be attending my online classes. Winter break started in two days, so I would be taking a day off. I brushed my teeth quickly-- one thing I had never mentioned was that we never ingested the tap water from the RV. Therefore, while brushing our teeth, we used our water bottles to rinse our toothbrushes and gargle. Anyways, after brushing my teeth, I threw on a sweater and started up my computer.

French and Social Studies were a lot of fun, and they both flew by. In Social Studies, we read and interpreted famous quotes from profound people who lived during the Renaissance.”To be or not to be” (Shakespeare). I always enjoy digging deeper into writings and trying to really figure out what the author or speaker was trying to convey. Today’s lesson was really eye opening for my understanding of famous statements.

My next three classes went as soon as they came, and I couldn't wait for breakfast!

We ate some chocolate brioches and buttered bread, and the meal was lovely.

I got through my math class, and we started driving to our next stop in Arizona. Another adventure awaits!

Finally I had band, and we played a fun game about guessing theme songs that everyone would take turns playing. Jeopardy, Star Wars, Indiana Jones.

As soon as I left school for the day, we were entering Saguaro National Park, Arizona (near Tucson), and the sights were incomprehensibly, beautiful. I shut off my computer and cleaned up, and so did my brother.

We got outside to take some pictures once we entered the park and were driving through an 8-mile loop. All I could see was a stunning, dry, mountainous landscape that was sprinkled with cacti (saguaros) all around. It was honestly insane how wonderful the scenery was. Plus, the weather was amazing with the sun shining and no wind!

After we drove around the scenic loop, we continued our drive from Willcox, Arizona to Picacho, Arizona. About 2-and-a-half hours later, we arrived at Picacho, and we made a plan to hike around Picacho Peak for some time before heading to our KOA. We started our hike and the view was quite similar to Saguaro National Park, but there were more saguaros at the Picacho Peak State Park. Oh the irony: more saguaros in a different place than their own national park!

As we were ascending up the hike toward the peak, my brother and I decided to walk backwards so we could watch as the view below got smaller and smaller...not our brightest moment. I would say I regret it, but honestly it was all part of the fun. As I was walking backwards, I ended up walking about two feet off from the trail and bam!; my back made contact with a saguaro as tall as me. I felt the pain as soon as I made impact. Aghhh! There were so many thorns all over, and I was freaking out. My family just watched me and my brother started laughing, which is probably something I deserved!

It took about fifteen minutes to remove all of the thorns from me, and the sun was starting to set.

It had been about two-and-a-half hours of hiking before we got back to our RV and drove to our KOA with the sunset. The view of the sun setting behind the mountains was spectacular. I would do anything to just watch a sunset like that everyday. My back was feeling better, and I thanked the stars that I wore a thicker shirt today.

When we got to our campsite and hooked up, my parents started to set up a fire while my brother and I vacuumed and mopped the vehicle. I also took a quick shower before I met my family outside sitting by the fire. It was so warm out, and the fire felt amazing.

I decided to make some s’mores while we were sitting by the fire. They were so delicious and just what we all wanted. I felt sort of rebellious eating dessert before dinner but yolo!

For dinner we had some lentils with rice, and it was the best comfort food ever! My eyes were heavy with the good food, so the only solution was to sleep — and so I did: drifting away into my dreams, I thought to myself- what a life I’m living.



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