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RV Trip In A Pandemic - The First Chapter

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Come along with me by reading about my crazy vacation and experience the fun!

Day 1:

The day started off relatively early; 7:40, just in time for online school. We have to sit still from 8 -11:45 and then get back online from 12:23 - 2:40. It is definitely difficult staying in one place instead of being in the building. Never thought I would miss school so much. At around one o’clock, my parents left to get the RV. It was starting to hit me: we were going to leave the comfort of our home and travel across the country. Some may say we are crazy, but honestly I think we are just special in our own way. If there’s anything I have learned so far in life it’s that it’s really important to do things you enjoy.

Once I finished up school, I went outside and admired the view: a giant RV standing at the base of my driveway, and my family going up and down, loading luggage in. It was a nice day outside; the sky was clear and the sun shined brightly directly onto the front of our property. By the time we actually packed all our belongings into the RV, it was about four in the evening. Next stop: Virginia!

After driving for a good two hours or so, we made our first brief stop for some gas at Hamburg, Pennsylvania. I left the vehicle to get some fresh air and take our dog, Bullet, for a little walk. I could see the moon sparkling in the night sky, and a gentle breeze danced through the air. It was pleasant at the gas station, and I noticed multiple trucks driving by. What a life those truck drivers must live; driving all around this beautiful country, but not being able to truly experience it.

Back in the RV, my brother and I were getting pretty drowsy so we shut our eyes and dozed off. The next thing I remember was changing into my soft pajamas; the warmth and comfort touching my bare skin. It felt good to wear them because they were a little piece of home.

Our bed was a bunk on top of the driver and passenger seats; it was an amazing little place, small and cozy like the ‘secret loft’ everyone dreams of having. A good night’s sleep was the only thing ahead of us, after an adventurous seven-hour journey.

Shutting my eyes and slowing my breath down, I drifted off into another world.


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